Wednesday, April 28, 2010

      Actor Keith Coogan (Adventures in Babysitting / Toy Soldiers etc) has been set to replace the late Corey Haim as James by producer Tina Brown. Coogan caught her eye after Corey died and she was trying to find the right replacement she went to YouTube and found his daily monologue postings ( on YouTube…  his manager called (Stephany Hurkos) in response to her breakdown posted.
     “It was like instant YES,” Tina said “when I answered the phone and she said I am Keith Coogan’s personal manager and I would like to discuss my client!”.
     Deal was set and signed and shooting will begin end of June in Folsom, California now, under the direction of Rob Walker.
     Keith was inspired to post a monologue a day by the book and film JULIE & JULIA and just took it to another level. 
     Everyone wants to know what do you look like now etc. So Keith Coogan might have found a cutting edge way to market himself. It’s working cause now he has four new script that have been sent to via his agent (Media Artists Group, Drew Elliott) and Personal Manager (Stephany Hurkos) for him.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Maray Ayres from a scene she did as Mom in the motion picture POE, directed by Francis Xavier  which is currently shooting in Los Angeles.


What would you like KEITH COOGAN to do as a monologue?  Do you have a favorite monologue? Think. Let him know... He is posting daily on YOUTUBE now you can see a new monologue daily... Keith got the idea when he saw the film JULIE & JULIA and read the book... so he thought... maybe I can do the impossible an post a new monologue daily... well he is doing it... CHECK IT OUT!

Happy Birthday

Today is Channah's 2nd Birthday.

Happy Birthday Channah!


Keith Coogan posting Daily Monologues on YOU TUBE

Keith Coogan is doing the impossible. Daily he is posting a monologue on YOUTUBE) since January 1, 2010.
( Inspired by the book/film "Julie & Julia" Keith set out to do what no other actor has done. And to date he is doing it. If you have a special monologue you would like him to do - feel free to add your suggestion there.