Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GIOVANNI helping hand

     Fame musician GIOVANNI has pledged to help the refugees in Japan.
“I feel close to them, my son is married to a Japanese lady and I have grandchildren.”
The need is great and that’s why he pledged and has given free concerts to help raise money for Japan (contact if you want to set up a concert to help Japan).  All the money will go to the RED CROSS.  This is the same Organization Yoko Ono donated too.
Giovanni is one of the most successful expressionist pianists of the 21st Century… composer, arranger and performer, with scores of accolades attesting to his credit.  One hundred twenty thousand CDs sold in one 120 minute segment on QVC! A record that still stands as one of the outstanding achievements of Giovanni, international composer, arranger and pianist who was born of Italian heritage.
     Over the years, Giovanni performed throughout Europe, Asia and America,
filling concert halls, venues and showrooms worldwide, and has sold over six million CD's during his appearances on QVC and The Home Shopping Network.  All of Giovanni's current CD's and mp3s are available at ITunes, Amazon or other online outlets .... You can watch clips of performances on YouTube.
     Two years ago he released "The Giovanni’s Roll Out Keyboard" for Christmas. The keyboard was a portable roll up piano that is compact enough to take just about anywhere. Along with the keyboard, Giovanni invented an easy to learn system called the "Gini Method" to teach beginners the fundamentals of the piano, included with the Giovanni Roll Out Keyboard.