Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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Friday, August 27, 2010

Attorney Debra Opri fills the Airwaves on Lindsay Lohan

The day is August 25, 2010.

The renown Family Law Expert, Debra Opri began the day giving what will happen  to Lindsay Lohan and what the new Judge will rule in court on KFWB NEWS TALK Radio at 7 am  in Los Angeles from her home.

the time now is 8 am in Los Angeles, and Debra Opri has gone to the CNN building in Hollywood. She is now giving a her legal expertise on the release of Lohan from rehab and what the court will do. The show is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT a special edition covering the release of Lohan. "Lohan will be free to leave LA in November."

the time now is 10 am and Opri is now at FOX Studios in Santa Monica going live on FOX NEWS  "Strategy Room" about Lohan...

... Opri's media day ends... Attorney Debra Opri goes to back to work at her office
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Keith Coogan to star in CATS DANCING ON JUPITER

Keith Coogan to star in CATS DANCING ON JUPITER which he will portray Fred (a surprise role for Keith) under the direction of Jordan Alan (this role was written for Keith), shooting will begin Sept 11th in Los Angeles.

Check out Keith's daily monologues at YouTube.